Неличная форма глагола обозначает действие, не указывая предмет или лицо. Пройдя тес, вы узнаете, насколько хорошо знакомы с этой темой. Комментарии помогут разобраться в ошибках и не повторять их.

I heard something ... in the kitchen. Dad must have dropped a dish or something.

to smash
is smashed

Не doesn't feel ... for a walk today.

as going
to go
like going
like to go

Не ... me some money but I refused,

offered having lent
offered to lend
offered lending
offered lend

Jim has a bad injury that may prevent... tomorrow.

him of playing
he of playing
him from playing
he from playing

I think you had ... the money again.

rather count
better counting
better to count
better count

То be honest, I enjoy ... in high-priced restaurants.

to eat
to eating
to having eaten

I'd rather ... my time climbing mountains than visiting his¬ torical museums.

to be spending
to spend

This water isn't fit... .

to drinking
for drinking
to being drunk
for drinking it

The driver wouldn't let any more people ... on the bus.

to get
having got

Would you mind ... me the salt?

to pass
to be passing

There is no way to make people ... if they don't want to.

to learn
to learning

The manager insisted ... the meeting.

at my attending
about my attending
on my attending
on me to attend

Then I heard ... with relief when he saw the small amount of money he had to pay.

his sigh
his to sigh
him to sigh
him sigh

Sonia suggested ... a table in case the restaurant got very busy.

be booking
to be booked

Did you congratulate Jane ... her exam?

to have passed
on passing
to pass
on having passing

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