Прошедшие времена английского глагола занимают заметную часть в школьной программе курсе. Тест для 8 класса позволит вам проверить свои знания по теме. Будьте внимательны, в некоторых примерах возможны два варианта.

While I (enjoy) a luxury bath, she (work) away.

enjoyed, worked
was enjoying, was working
enjoyed, was working

When I (enter) the room, she (mumble) something under the nose.

entered, mumbled
entered, was mumbled
was entering, was mumbling

We (sit) in a state of tense attention while he (try) to concentrate.

sat, tried
was sitting, was trying
sat, was trying

When I (receive) the first letter, I (think) it was a joke. But the second letter (put) me on the alert.

receives, thought, put
received, was thinking, was putting
was receiving, thought, put

He (make) a grave error, when he (speak) with great assurance.

made, spoke
made, was speaking
was making, spoke

He (return) to seat and (pick up) the newspaper which he had left behind.

returned, picked up
was returning, picked up
returned, was picking up

I (intend) to turn in earlier tonight, but Bess (call) and (invite) me to a party.

intended, called, invited
was intending, called, invited
intended, was calling, was inviting

He (glance) at her several times during the evening.

was glanced
was glansing

She (pick up) her book with a hand that (tremble).

picked up, trembled
picked up, was trembling
was picking up, trembled

He frequently (make) me feel out of things.

was making
were making

When in Spain we (go) to the beach twice a day.

was going
were going

Last week I was on a diet, I (not eat) any sweets at all.

didn’t eat
wasn’t eat
wasn’t eating

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