Тест поможет определить уровень знаний по теме условных предложений. Переведите предложения и выберите подходящий вариант ответа.


If Peter had been more careful, he ... the camera.

hadn\'t broken
won\'t have broken
wouldn\'t break
wouldn\'t have broken

If we had had enough money last summer, we ... to Ireland.

had gone
would go
were going
would have gone

I didn't know you were ill. I wish you ... me about it.

would tell
had told

If I had enough money, I ... to the mountains next week.

am going
would go
will go
would have gone

Tom wishes he ... big muscles and some talent.

was having
has had

If Tom... the lottery, he would stop working.

is winning
would win

If he ... staying here with us, we would feel more confident.

had been
will be

She ... this project this weekend if she had been provided with the data before.

would have finished
will finish
would finish
will have finished

I wish they ... so rude with you when you came there.

were not
would not be
had not been
are not

What... if you happened to be with them?

would you have done
would you do
will you do
you would have done

If I had known about your problem, I ... it.

wouldn\'t let you do
wouldn\'t have let you to do
didn\'t let you do
wouldn\'t have let you do

Would you like to make your own design if you ... a chance?

were given
had been given
had given
would be given

I wish I ... take part in this concert tour after we've passed the exams.

had been able to
would be able

If he were not so lazy, he ... it long ago.

would do
would have done
had done
would have been done

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