Тест для 11 класса на знание правил употребления местоимений позволит узнать, насколько вы знакомы с темой. Переведите предложение и подберите подходящий вариант. Будьте внимательны, некоторые вопросы допускает два правильных ответа.

At the party I saw … my friends; in fact, I think I saw … them.

many, all
many of, all of

Have you read … these books?

any of

… lessons of English are interesting.

the most

It’s too late; I think … them will come.

none of

… the girls in this group are beautiful.

all of

I have talked to … people who think they are very clever.

a lot
a lot of

Would you like some more tea? – No, thank you, I have already had … .

a lot
a lot of

I spent … the day trying to guess who had sent me Valentine card.

most of

Only a … the shops were not closed.

few of

… the house was burnt.

half of

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