В рамках школьной программы учащиеся изучают не только грамматику и словарный запас. На уроках они рассматривают особенности речевого этикета. Пройдя тест для 11 класса вы сможете вспомнить стандартные фразы (клише), которые подходят к определенным ситуациям. Выберите подходящую фразу к предложенной ответной реплике.

Here you are.

Where is the nearest post-office?
Help yourself please.
Will you call me later?
Your driving licence, please.

Thank you.

I like your T-shirt.
Please don\'t bother me.
Is that what you mean?
It\'s too late, sorry.

Neither have I.

I don\'t speak German.
He hasn\'t read this book.
She can\'t have said it.
You don\'t have to agree.

Bad luck!

I\'ll be there by all means!
I\'ve no idea who did it.
Lucky dogs they are!
I missed the morning train.

You bet!

It\'s fun to watch birds.
How much did you win?
I\'m not sure I\'ll come.
I prefer not to bet.

I don't blame you.

No one is going to blame her.
I couldn\'t help calling her.
Why put a blame on anyone?
Are you sure you don\'t want it?


This sweater is too large for me.
Thank you for your help.
Do you mind coming later?
It\'s never too late to start.

My pleasure.

You\'re so thoughtful.
Hope you enjoyed your stay.
We owe you this wonderful evening.
This is not so pleasant, to be honest.

I guess so.

Can you guess who brought it?
When did you see him?
You\'d better guess yourself.
Will you see him today?

Help yourself.

How can I help you?
The meat will be baked.
The cake smells delicious.
I\'ve just had tea, thanks.

I have no doubt about it.

We are always happy to have you here, you know.
You don\'t want be dependent of them.
I doubt she\'ll be here before the weekend.
There is no doubt you must have met before.

It's fine with me.

Are you leaving tomorrow?
We\'re going to Diana\'s birthday party tonight. Please don\'t be late from work.
Derek is having dinner with us this Friday.
She is a fine person.

It depends.

We have always depended on our parents.
I don\'t think it\'s a good idea.
The weather is so changeable there.
Travelling on one\'s own gives you more opportunities than organized tourism.

Why not?

This year we won\'t take a boat trip, we\'d rather stay at our cottage.
He is not ready yet, is he?
They aren\'t coming.
It\'s not so late, I\'m sure she is not sleeping.

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