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Тест на знание правил использования неличной формы глагола позволит проверить, насколько хорошо вы знакомы с темой. Переведите предложение и вставьте подходящий вариант.

He is said ... quite competent in this subject.

to be
to being

I didn't notice anybody ... by.

to pass
to have passed
be passed

Why not ... him and ... her address?

calling and asking
call and ask
to call and to ask
calling and ask

His parents ... abroad, he lives with his aunt and uncle.

having worked
being worked
to be working

I don't think you were made ... it.

to do
to have done

He has never let anyone ... a report for him.

to make
to be made
to have made

Do you remember... with them when you were a schoolboy?

to have stayed
to stay
having stayed

Hadn't you better ... a doctor before taking this medicine?

to consult
to be consulted

One more team member is known ... , as it was hard to com¬plete the work on time.

to be employed
to have been employed
to employ
to have employed

He must ... by all means to this meeting.

to be invited
be invited
have been invited

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