Косвенная речь требует особого внимания во время изучения грамматики английского языка. Это сложная тема, которую начинают изучать в восьмом классе. Пройдите тест, и узнайте, насколько вы знакомы с правилами употребления косвенной речи.

Tom asked if... long to repair the car.

it would take
it will take
would it take
will it take

Ben thought that Ann ... no delays.

will come to London in an hour if there are
would come to London in an hour if there were
had come to London in an hour if there are
would have come to London in an hour if there are

Don asked his friends if... spaghetti.

they liked
did the like
do they like
liked they

I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that. When did you say ...?

the Browns moved
have the Browns moved
the Browns had moved
had the Browns moved

Gillian asked how long ... studying English.

I had been
I have been
had I been
I was

Mary asked me if I ... writing her report.

knew where Jane was
know where Jane was
know where was Jane
knew where Jane is

The neighbour asked Nick ... so much noise.

not to make
not making
don\'t make
doesn\'t make

Harry asked me what time ... to leave for the airport.

did I want
I want
I wanted

Andrew said that his brother ... to hospital the day before.

was taking
had been taken
was taken
has been taken

John asked his colleague if ... him up at the airport.

he would pick
he will pick
would he pick
would he picked

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