Тест для 9 класса проверит ваши знания правил употребления Прошедшего простого и Прошедшего завершенного времен. Некоторые вопросы допускают несколько вариантов ответа.

She was convinced they … the remedy.

had discovered

They … in the application forms before they went to the Embassy for interview.

had handed

They … by chance in the old pub which they both … very often.

met, visited
had met, had visited
met, had visited

Tina was sure that the dress rehearsal … a complete and utter failure.

had been

The witnesses pointed to the parts which … strewn about.

had been

After he … reading the evening paper he … himself some dinner and … down the table, when there … a loud knock on the door.

finished, made, sat, came
had finished, made, sat, came
finished, made, had sat, had come

Joan … to persuade Thomas to give up the idea of quitting his job, but it … too late.

intended, was
had intended, was
intended, had been

Mr. Smith was not telling the truth. He … Bill in the smoking room earlier that morning.

had met

He was sure he … the lady before, but he couldn’t recall where and under what circumstances they … .

saw, met
had seen, had met
had seen, meet

They admitted they … a mistake.

had made

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