Тест для 3 класса позволит проверить словарный запас школьника, его умение переводить английские предложения и сопоставлять вопросы и ответы. Переведите вопрос и выберете подходящий по грамматике и смыслу ответ.

What colour is that horse?

I’m sorry but I can’t see well.
I don’t think so.
Yes, I am.

What colour are those footballs?

I am a teacher.
My name is Alice.
They are black-and-white.

Are these your sisters?

My sisters go to school.
Yes, they are.
They are young.

What is this?

This is very nice sport ground.
It is green.
He is a doctor.

Can those boys and girls play hockey?

They are pupils.
Yes, they can.
They are not at home.

Is that your puppy?

My kitten is red.
Yes, he was.
No, it is not. This is my puppy.

What is that man?

He is 9.
He is a sportsman.
He was in Moscow last week.

What do you want to be?

He is a doctor.
I want to be a pilot.
She is in school.

What does she want?

She is not a student.
She is lazy.
She wants a cat.

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