Притяжательный падеж изучается в 5 классе. Эта тема требует внимательности и хорошего словарного запаса, так как подходящие варианты вы сможете выбрать, исходя из смысла предложений.

I'll be back in ... time.

two weeks
two week\'s
two weeks\'

You can buy these rolls at ... around the corner.

the bakers\'
the baker\'s
the baker
the bakers

This is not the first that I lost.

pair of gloves
pairs of gloves

My ... has recently become the prize winner of an economics Olympiad.

son\'s friend brother
son\'s friend\'s brother
son friend\'s brother
son\'s friend\'s brother\'s

I don't think I'll make use of... .

this advices
these advices
this advice
these advice

My grandfather used to attend ... before the war.

a boy\'s school
a boys\'school
a boys school
a boys\'s school

We are going to spend this weekend at ... summer cottage.

the Smirnov
the Smirnovs\'
the Smirnov\'s

Two medical students have used ... for experiments.

this mice
this mouses
these mouses
these mice

My ... brother is fond of radio engineering.

fifteen year\'s old
fifteen-years old
fifteen years\' old

My mother is going on ... business trip to Moscow.

a two day\'s
a two-days\'
a two-day
a two-days

The next meeting will be held in ... time.

a month
a month\'s
a months\'

There was a break between the sessions.

three hours
a three hours\'
a three-hour

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