Лексико-грамматический тест предназначен для проверки усвоения прошедшего времени (Past Simple).

1. Выбери из списка неправильные глаголы и напиши их формы.

Think, start, make, do, like, drink, want, have, look, see, meet, draw

2. Заполни пропуски, используя данные ниже глаголы в прошедшем времени:

Help  visit  be  water  go

  1. I ….. my mother last week.
  2. We ….. my grandfather in the village last Friday.
  3. It ….. Sunday yesterday.
  4. She ….. the flowers in her bedroom two days ago.
  5. They ….. to S-Petersburg last spring.

3. Скажите, что это не так.

1) My friend met a bear in the forest last summer.  --------------------------------

2) She repaired her washing machine three hours ago.  ---------------------------

3) We went to the theatre last week. -------------------------------------------------

4) I bought a car yesterday. -----------------------------------------------------------

5) They saw Santa Claus in the street. -----------------------------------------------

 4. Составь предложения, используя приведенные ниже слова:

1) Exercises/ I/ do/ didn’t/ yesterday/ my-------------------------------------------

2) Bake/ on Saturday/ did/ a cake/ you? - ---------------------------------------------

3) Tea/ in the morning/Mary/ drank. ------------------------------------------------

4) Did/ he / why/  early/ come?  -----------------------------------------------------

5) Met/ week/ last/ I/ friend/ old/ my-------------------------------------------------



  1. Thought made  did  drank  had  saw  met  drew
  2. 1) Helped 2) visited 3) was 4) watered 5) went
  3. 1)My friend did not meet a bear 2) She did not repair her washing machine  3) We did not go to the theatre 4) I did not buy a car yesterday  5) They did not see Santa Claus
  4. 1) I didn’t do my exercises yesterday  2) Did you cook cake on Saturday? 3) Mary drank tea in the morning  4) Why did he come early? 5) I met my old friend last week
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