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1. Измените предложения с общими вопросами на косвенную речь.

Например:  «Are you happy?» he asked her. («Ты счастлива?», спросил он ее.) - He asked her if she was happy. (Он спросил, счастлива ли она.)

  1. I asked him, “Have you seen my dog?” (Я спросил его: «Ты видел мою собаку?»)
  2. “Can you give me an ice-cream?” asked the little girl. («Вы можете дать мне мороженое?» - спросила маленькая девочка.)
  3. “Do you know when she will return?” he asked. («Ты знаешь, когда она вернется?» - спросил он.)
  4. The teacher said to the girls, “Have you done your homework?” (Учитель сказал девочкам: «Вы сделали домашнее задание?»)
  5. The little boy asked the man, “Will you help me?” (Маленький мальчик попросил мужчину: «Вы поможете мне?»)
  6. “Are you coming home with me?” he asked me. («Ты пойдешь со мной домой?» - спросил он меня.)
  7. “Do you really come from Japan?” the prince asked the young man. («Вы действительно родом из Японии?» - спросил принц молодого человека.)
  8. “Don’t you have a driving license?” I asked her. («Разве у вас нет водительских прав?» - спросил я ее.)
  9. Ann said, “Did anybody see you?” (Анна сказала: «Тебя кто-нибудь видел?»)
  10. “Are they hungry?” my mother asked. («Они голодны?» - спросила моя мама.)
  11. “Can you speak French?” the manager asked. («Вы можете говорить по-французски?» - спросил менеджер.)
  12. “Was your sister at home?” Bob asked. («Твоя сестра была дома?» - спросил Боб.)


 2. Вы встретили бывшего соседа Уильяма. Он задает вам много вопросов:

  1. How are you?
  2. Where have you been?
  3. Where is your sister?
  4. What does her husband do?
  5. How much do you earn?
  6. When will you pay my money back?
  7. Why did you move to another place?
  8. Where are you going?
  9. Why didn’t you call me last month?
  10. What time can I call you?

Расскажите своему другу, о чем вас расспрашивал Уильям. Начинайте со слов:  Не asked me ..., He wanted to know ...,  He wondered ...

Например: He asked me how I was. (Он спросил, как у меня дела.)


3. Выберите подходящую форму глагола в каждом предложении.

  1. Paul asked me whether I liked travelling. - “... (Do you like/Did you like) travelling?” asked Paul.
  2. He asked me if I had finished the essay. – “... (Did you finish/Had you finished) the essay?” he asked me.
  3. Helen asked me if she could leave. – “... (Can/Could) I leave?” asked Helen.
  4. I asked Sam where we were going. – “Where ... (are we/were we/we were) going?” I asked.
  5. Mark asked Liz if she had met anyone the previous Sunday. – “... (Did you meet/Have you met) anyone last Sunday?” asked Mark.
  6. The policeman asked him whether the gun belonged to him. – “... (Does/Did) the gun belong to you?” asked the policeman.
  7. David asked his daughter when she would get back. – “When ... (would you get/will you get/have you got) back?” asked David.
  8. Diana asked me what time the film started. – “What time ... did/does the film start?” asked Diana.
  9. A passer-by asked me where the nearest toilet was. – “Where ... (was/has been/is) the nearest toilet?” asked a passer-by.
  10. She wondered who would buy that car. – “Who ... (will/would) buy that car?” she wondered.




  1. I asked him if he had seen my dog.
  2. The little girl asked whether I could give her an ice-cream.
  3. He asked me if I knew when she would return.
  4. The teacher wondered if the girls had done their homework.
  5. The little boy asked whether the man would help him.
  6. He asked if I was coming home with him.
  7. The prince asked the young man if he really came from Japan.
  8. I wanted to know if she didn’t have a driving license.
  9. Ann asked if anybody had seen her.
  10. My mother asked whether they were hungry.
  11. The manager asked if I could speak French.
  12. Bob wanted to know if my sister had been at home.



2. He asked me where I had been. (Он спросил меня, где я был.)

3. He wanted to know where my sister was. (Он хотел узнать, где моя сестра.)

4. He wondered what her husband did. (Он интересовался, чем занимается ее муж.)

5. He asked me how much I earned. (Он спросил меня, сколько я зарабатываю.)

6. He asked when I would pay his money back. (Он спросил, когда я верну ему деньги.)

7. He wondered why I had moved to another place. (Он поинтересовался, почему я переехал в другое место.)

8. He asked me where I was going. (Он спросил меня, куда я иду.)

9. He wanted to know why I hadn’t called him the previous month. (Он хотел узнать, почему я не позвонил ему в прошлом месяце.)

10. He asked what time he could call me. (Он спросил, во сколько можно мне позвонить.)



  1. Do you like travelling?
  2. Did you finish the essay?
  3. Can I leave?
  4. Where are we going?
  5. Did you meet anyone last Sunday?
  6. Does the gun belong to you?
  7. When will you get back?
  8. What time does the film start?
  9. Where is the nearest toilet?
  10. Who will buy that car?
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