had my hair cut

1. Перепишите предложения, используя  конструкцию “have something done”. Обратите внимание на временную форму глагола.

Н-р:  She didn’t cut her hair herself. (Она не стригла свои волосы сама.) – She had her hair cut. (Она подстриглась.)

  1. Tim didn’t clean the windows himself. (Тим не мыл окна сам.)
  2. Mary doesn’t usually deliver the food to her house herself. (Обычно Мэри не приносит продукты домой сама.)
  3. Fred hasn’t washed his car himself. (Фред не мыл машину сам.)
  4. My husband isn’t testing his eye-sight himself. (Мой муж не проверяет свое зрение сам.)
  5. I won’t check my blood pressure myself. (Я не буду сам измерять свое кровяное давление.)
  6. Jane didn’t service her car herself. (Джейн не обслуживала свою машину сама.)
  7. They will not mend the roof of the house themselves. (Они не будут сами ремонтировать крышу дома.)
  8. She isn’t making the curtains herself. (Она не шьет шторы сама.)
  9. I didn’t remove this coffee stain from the suit myself. (Я не сам выводил пятно от кофе с костюма.)
  10. We don’t X-ray our chests ourselves. (Мы не сами делаем рентгеновский снимок грудной клетки.)

2. Используйте глагол из скобок в конструкции “have something done” в необходимой временной форме. Добавьте необходимые слова. Переведите предложения.

Н-р: I think I can afford to ... (my house/paint). – I think I can afford to have my house painted. (Думаю, я могу себе позволить, чтобы мне покрасили дом.)

  1. Fred ... (the meat/cut) into small pieces at the butcher’s now.
  2. You must ... (your grey boots/repair).
  3. I forgot to ... (the oil level and tyres/check) in my car.
  4. Bob ... (his new watch/mend) almost every month.
  5. We are going to ... (our flat/decorate) next weekend.
  6. Sheila ... (that lovely dress/make) by Mrs. Stewart yesterday.
  7. They just ... (central heating/install) in the house.
  8. You should go and ... (your photograph/take) for a new passport tomorrow.
  9. My daughter wants to ... (her ears/pierce).
  10. My dad ... (his tooth/pull out) two days ago.

3. Напишите о неприятных событиях, используя  конструкцию “have something done”.

Н-р: The singer’s concert was cancelled because of bad weather. (Концерт певца был отменен из-за плохой погоды.) – The singer had his concert cancelled because of bad weather.

  1. Fred’s glasses were broken. (Очки Фреда были разбиты.)
  2. Sam’s bike was stolen from the garage. (Велосипед Сэма был украден из гаража.)
  3. My driving license was taken away by the police. (Мои водительские права отняли полицейские.)
  4. His wallet was stolen in the crowd. (Его бумажник украли в толпе.)
  5. Harry’s nose was broken in a fight. (Нос Гарри был разбит в драке.)
  6. Sarah’s hat was blown off by the wind. (Шляпу Сары унесло ветром.)

 have one's hair cut



  1. Tim had the windows cleaned.
  2. Mary usually has the food delivered to her house.
  3. Fred has had his car washed.
  4. My husband is having his eye-sight tested.
  5. I will have my blood pressure checked.
  6. Jane had her car serviced.
  7. They will have the roof of the house mended.
  8. She is having the curtains made.
  9. I had this coffee stain removed from the suit.
  10. We have our chests X-rayed.


  1. is having the meat cut (Сейчас в мясной лавке для Фреда нарезают мясо на маленькие кусочки.)
  2. have your grey boots repaired (Тебе нужно починить свои серые ботинки.)
  3. have the oil level and tyres checked (Я забыл проверить уровень масла и шины в машине.)
  4. has his new watch mended (Бобу ремонтируют его новые часы почти каждый месяц.)
  5. have our flat decorated (Нам собираются отделывать квартиру в следующие выходные.)
  6. had that lovely dress made (Миссис Стюарт сшила для Шейлы то милое платье вчера.)
  7. have just had central heating installed (Им только что установили центральное отопление в доме.)
  8. have your photograph taken (Тебе нужно сходить сфотографироваться на новый паспорт завтра.)
  9. have her ears pierced (Моя дочь хочет, чтобы ей прокололи уши.)
  10. had his tooth pulled out (Моему папе удалили зуб два дня назад.)


  1. Fred had his glasses broken.
  2. Sam had his bike stolen from the garage.
  3. I had my driving license taken away by the police.
  4. He had his wallet stolen in the crowd.
  5. Harry had his nose broken in a fight.
  6. Sarah had her hat blown off by the wind.
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