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1. Перепишите предложения, поставив непрямое дополнение после глагола и опустив предлоги to и for.

Н-р:  Give that ashtray to me, please. – Give me that ashtray, please. (Подай мне ту пепельницу, пожалуйста.)

  1. Send the food to those homeless.
  2. Did you pay the money to Sarah?
  3. Have you found a chair for my grandmother?
  4. Could you give this envelope to Michael?
  5. We are buying some medicine for the neighbour.
  6. Would you show your tongue to the doctor?
  7. Did you tell the news to your friend?
  8. The waiter offered a glass of dry wine to me.
  9. Please bring some honey to your little sister.
  10. Don’t tell the answer to him.
  11. Tom is going to send some beautiful flowers to his girlfriend.
  12. My wife is knitting a new pullover for our daughter. 


2. Составьте из слов предложения и переведите. 

  1. to – he – the car – his friends – showed
  2. her parents – the news – told – she
  3. could – your shampoo – lend – you – me ?
  4. bought – this tie – for – I – my husband
  5. any clothes – Jane – bring – don’t
  6. he – a tip – to – gave – the porter
  7. some sandwiches – us – Susan – made – for
  8. didn’t – his bicycle - Robert – me – give
  9. Mary – the ball – her brother - threw – to
  10. the keys – gave – my mum – I




  1. Send those homeless the food. (Пошли тем бездомным продукты.)
  2. Did you pay Sarah the money? (Ты заплатил Саре деньги?)
  3. Have you found my grandmother a chair? (Ты нашел моей бабушке стул?)
  4. Could you give Michael this envelope? (Не мог бы ты передать Майклу этот конверт?)
  5. We are buying the neighbour some medicine. (Мы покупаем соседу лекарства.)
  6. Would you show the doctor your tongue? (Ты покажешь доктору язык?)
  7. Did you tell your friend the news? (Ты рассказал своему другу новости?)
  8. The waiter offered me a glass of dry wine. (Официант предложил мне бокал сухого вина.)
  9. Please bring your little sister some honey. (Пожалуйста, принеси своей маленькой сестренке немного меда.)
  10. Don’t tell him the answer. (Не говори ему ответ.)
  11. Tom is going to send his girlfriend some beautiful flowers. (Том собирается послать своей подруге красивые цветы.)
  12. My wife is knitting our daughter a new pullover. (Моя жена вяжет нашей дочери новый пуловер.)


  1. He showed the car to his friends. (Он показал машину своим друзьям.)
  2. She told her parents the news. (Она рассказала родителям новости.)
  3. Could you lend me your shampoo? (Ты не могла бы одолжить мне свой шампунь?)
  4. I bought this tie for my husband. (Я купила этот галстук своему мужу.)
  5. Don’t bring Jane any clothes. (Не приноси Джейн никакой одежды.)
  6. He gave a tip to the porter. (Он дал чаевые носильщику.)
  7. Susan made some sandwiches for us. (Сюзан приготовила несколько бутербродов для нас.)
  8. Robert didn’t give me his bicycle. (Роберт не отдал мне свой велосипед.)
  9. Mary threw the ball to her brother. (Мэри бросила мяч своему брату.)
  10. I gave my mum the keys. (Я отдала маме ключи.)
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