Прочитайте внимательно текст и ответьте на вопросы ниже. Старайтесь понять смысл текста, не обращая внимания на отдельные незнакомые слова. Обращайте внимание на синонимы в тексте и в вариантах ответов.

 A night in the museum

It was a brilliant, if totally crazy, idea and I took some persuading, but it seemed like a great adventure and something I could boast about to the other kids for the rest of the school year. So here I was, locked in the Penza History Museum for a long lonely night.

Let's rewind a bit. First I had to get myself locked in. I went to the museum just before it closed and headed for the back rooms which I knew would be the first to be cleared at closing time. Sure enough, the museum workers went round at 5 o'clock checking everyone had gone, but they didn't spot me hiding behind the stuffed elephant. There was an old cleaning lady after that, but then she was gone, the doors were locked and I had the museum to myself.

Well, almost to myself. There were the exhibits, thousands of them, from ancient maps to xylophones. As darkness fell, some of them looked quite intimidating, for example I was sure I could see the knight in an oil painting riding out to get me. It didn't , so I decided to go and explore the rest of the museum. After all, I'd bought a ticket.

There was a full moon that night, so I didn't have too much trouble getting around. I'm not a great fan of museums, but there wasn't much else to do to keep me busy until opening time. I stopped looking at my watch, just walked around and soon I was almost enjoying myself - until I heard the steps. heavy and deliberate, they were near and getting nearer. I wasn't alone.

How did the narrator first feel about the idea of spending a night in the museum?


The phrase 'Let's rewind a bit' at the beginning of the second paragraph shows

the story is going back in time.
the narrator needs to relax.
the story is going too quickly.
the narrator has to correct some information.

Why wasn't the narrator found?

Everything was locked up.
The museum workers didn\'t do their job properly.
The narrator chose a clever hiding place.
No one was looking for someone at the back of the museum.

What does the phrase 'from ancient maps to xylophones' in paragraph 3 imply?

that the museum was rather old-fashion
that the narrator took time to see all the exhibits
that the museum was not very organised
that there was a wide range of museum exhibits

The knight is an example of

the realism with which the painting was done.
a painting which is inappropriate for younger visitors.
how ordinary things become frightening at night.
the general theme of artwork in the room.

The narrator's phrase 'After all, I'd bought a ticket' is

a joke.
a warning.
a tip.
a conclusion.

At the end of the text the reader can infer

the narrator was thrown out of the museum.
there is more to come in the story.
the narrator is too frightened to continue.
the story is all a dream.

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