Достаточно часто выбор герундия и инфинитива зависят от смысла предложения и уместности выбранной грамматической конструкции. Пройдите тест для среднего уровня, и узнайте, помните ли вы правила употребления дополнений после глаголов-сказуемых.

He stopped … and went to the kitchen.

to read

He stopped … some rest.

to have

Do stop … ; I’m trying to finish a letter.

to talk

I’ll never forget … her for the first time.

to meet

I forgot … a newspaper on my way to the office.

to buy

How could she forget … her a Christmas card?

to send

I remember … a review of that book and thinking I’d like to get it.

to read

Did you remember … him the key of the safe?

to give

I don’t like to drive fast because I’m afraid … .

to crash
of crashing

The girl was afraid … when the sea was rough.

to swim
of swimming

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