Тест для 7 класса на знание правил употребления времён Past Simple и Past Perfect состоит из 10 вопросов. Вам необходимо раскрыть скобки и поставить глагол в правильную форму. Будьте внимательны, в некоторых вопросах возможны два правильных варианта ответа.

When the film (start) Jim realised that he (never see) it before.

start/never see
started/had never seen
started/never saw

When I (finish) the work I (go) home.

had finished/had gone
had finished/went

Before Jane (marry) Mr.Black she (work) as a personal assistant.

married/had worked
had married/worked

After Dana (work) with Mike for a few months he (ask) her to have dinner with him.

had worked/had asked
had worked/asked

When I (post) a letter I found that I (write) a wrong adress.

posted/had written
had posted/write

Barbara (never seen) Jeff so she (feel) rather nervous at the first meeting.

had never seen/felt
never see/feel
have never seen/felt

I (feel) so angry because somebody (eat) my sandwich.

felt/had eaten
had felt/ate

Martha (feel) terribly sorry for the words she (tell) Daniel.

had felt/told
felt/had told

I (be) surprised to learn that Rose (leave) without waiting fo me.

was/had left
had been/left

The newspapers (say) that eight people (be) killed in accident.

said/had been
had said/were

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