Косвенная речь используется для передачи чужого высказывания с сохранением основного смысла. Тест для 10 класса позволит проверить ваши знания, а комментарии разобраться в ошибках.

Не wanted to know what decision ... the previous week.

we had made
we made
had we made
did we make

My friend had no idea why his teacher ... pleased with him.

was not
is not
did not
would not be

When she told me on the phone what time ... , I promised to pick her up.

did she arrive
she had arrived
would she arrive
she would arrive

Did she tell you how ... to renovate her flat?

she was going
she is going
was she going
is she going

I forgot that he ... before.

wasn\'t here
hadn\'t been there
hasn\'t been there
hadn\'t been here

She asked me if ... try to make another attempt to talk to her parents.

I would
I will
will I
would I

I told them ... any more.

don\'t worry about this
not to worry about that
not to worry about this
to worry about that

I was told that I ... to take two suitcases if I ... .

was allowed ... want
allowed ... wanted
will be allowed ... want
would be allowed ... wanted

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